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Shapeways Add-in for SolidWorks

Upload your 3D designs to Shapeways.com

Shapeways already offered you the opportunity to create a model with SolidWorks, upload it to shapeways.com, choose the most suitable material and order your own 3D model! 10 working days later hold your own model in your hand!


Now you can also directly upload your 3D designs to you Shapeways account by using the new free Add-in for SolidWorks developed by Design Solutions!



Download file for 32 bit systems >>

Download file for 64 bit systems 64 bit >>



1. After downloading the file, please unzip the content to your system.

2. Start the install wizard using the install.exe file.

3. After completing the installation include the Add-in to SolidWorks by activating the reg.dat file in the installation directory.

4. After installation the Shapeways Add-in can be activated just like any other, by selecting it in the Add-ins toolbar.


Now you can upload your 3D models directly to Shapeways.com by clicking the save button. When prompted to log in to Shapeways.com please enter your Shapeways username and password.

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